Apogee Elite Plus Female Hair Removal

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Treatment effect and instructions

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Reduces pain and lasts longer
  • Minimize skin irritation with air cooling system
  • Apogee Elite Plus Air Strike Method

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Apogee Elite Plus shows the highest effect among the latest hair removal devices with a minimal pain treatment using the air strike method and cooling therapy.
  • Treatment cycle: 3-4 weeks apart
  • Recommended number of treatments: 5 or more

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The number of times recommended for each patient is different. However, in accordance with the growth cycle of the hair, we recommend 5 times at intervals of 3 to 4 weeks first.

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Permanent hair removal effects appear on hair follicles currently in the growing phase, and additional treatment is required for newly born hair follicles. In general, 80% of the hair removal effect is achieved when more than 5 treatments are performed, but additional treatments are required if the regeneration is fast, such as men's beards or women's Brazilians.

Precautions before hair removal


Shave before the hair removal procedure and come to the hospital. We recommend shaving the day before the procedure for both men and women.


Avoid pulling out hair, waxing, or tanning (removal is possible after 2 weeks) before the procedure.


If you have long hair during the procedure, there is a risk of burns, so please shave the day before.


Avoid wearing tight clothing to reduce irritation and friction on the treated area.


Hair removal treatment cycle is 3-4 weeks apart.


You can proceed quickly if you come to the hospital after wearing a pear when removing hair from the arm or armpit area.
  • If you wish to cancel/change your hair removal reservation, please contact us at least one day in advance.

Precautions after hair removal


The redness, burning, and pain may last two to three days. We recommend cooling care such as ice packs after hair removal treatment.


To prevent folliculitis and itching, apply a sufficient amount of moisturizing lotion to the treated area.


Do not rub the treated area hard, and apply sunscreen well when going out.
  • ※ To prevent folliculitis in summer, please refrain from exposure to sunlight on the day.

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